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Like my great-grandfather, Captain Ludwik Tarszeński, Conde de Lipa, I'm an immigrant, and a photographer. The parallels pretty much end there. He learned the art of the daguerrotype from Louis-Mandé Daguerre­—I earned a BA at Brooks Institute of Photography. He fought the Russians in the November Uprising of 1831— I was an accidental AWOL. He was photographer to the Queen of Spain—I photographed Amy Tan, Gore Vidal and Antonio Banderas... However, I can identify with his exile from Poland and how it might have affected him. I'm always looking for new creative challenges to justify my absence from my birth country of Spain. Thus, I became a journalist, like my father Enrique Hernández-Luike (also an accomplished publisher and poet). I wrote, directed and produced stage plays, like my great-uncle, an immigrant to Buenos Aires and director of Teatro Mayo. For one year I painted an oil pastel a day. I make videos, design books and logos, write short stories and magazine articles. I make endless self-portraits (which, incidentally, are being included in lesson plans of Australian universities).

What's next?

CORPORATE: American Honda, Antioch University, Council for Alcoholism and Drug Abuse, Direct Relief, Merryl Brown Events, United Way of Santa Barbara,, Pacific Pride Foundation, Publishing by the Seas, Tri-Counties Resource Center, Planned Parenthood SBVSLO, UCSB Arts & Lectures...

EDITORIAL: American Airlines Nexos (US), Art (Germany), ArtPress (France), Bil Am Sontag (Germany), Diario (Italy), El Mundo (Spain), ESPN, Focus (Italy, Poland, UK), Geo (France, Spain), Glamour (Spain), Life, Marie Claire (Brazil), Mountain Bike Magazine (US), National Geographic Books, National Geographic Traveler (US), Playboy (Brazil), Publishing by the Seas, Seattle Weekly, Sports Illustrated for Kids, Stern (Germany), Terra (Brazil), USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and hundreds more.


If you'd like to use my services as a photographer, filmmaker, writer, journalist, playwright, illustrator, logo/book designer; or if you would like to purchase one or more of my paintings, photographs or sculptures; or if you want to join my mailing list; or if you have a creative project for me, drop me a line. I look forward to hearing from you.

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